Robin Van Persie – BK8 Ambassador

About Robin Van Persie as a BK8 Brand Ambassador


BK8 is a trusted online casino brand serving players in Asia. It is reputable and transparent in its operations. Therefore, BK8 has managed to secure a significant part of the Asian gaming market. However, the site needs to stay ahead of the competitors. For this to happen, BK8 must stand out among the crowd. The best way to do this is by using famous brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are people hired by a company or organization to represent a certain brand product positively. By so doing, they’ll help increase brand awareness and therefore increase sales. Simply put, brand ambassadors embody the company’s identity in appearance, conduct, ideals, and ethics.

BK8’s former brand ambassador was John Terry, former England, and Chelsea FC captain. He was and still is a well-known soccer player, especially for his defending skills. As such, BK8 made several successes in Terry’s time. However, the contract between the two parties ended. This called for another brand ambassador, and as mentioned earlier, this ambassador needs to be well-known. BK8, therefore, opted for Robin Van Persie.

About Robin Van Persie

Robin Van Persie is a former soccer player from Dutch. He played as a striker and was considered one of the best strikers of his time. In fact, he currently holds the top score position for the Netherlands men’s national soccer team. Van Persie was born on August 6, 1998, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He was a talented soccer player, and his fame went far and wide.

He played under several teams, including Arsenal Football Club (FC) and Manchester United FC. During his generation, Van Persie managed to score several games for his team. This made him more popular. Thus, BK8, a trusted online casino Malaysia, made a partnership with Van Persie, and Mediapro Asia and BK8 signed it.

Who are Mediapro?

Mediapro is an influential multimedia company with headquarters in Spain. It has several branches all over the world, one of which is in Asia. In as much as Mediapro Asia is strict and powerful, it has opened several opportunities for BK8 by signing the partnership deal. Notably, it was Mediapro Asia that instigated and pushed this collaboration between BK8 and Robin Van Persie.

What was the deal?

The deal was made to make BK8 a more valuable gaming site by using Robin Van Persie’s images. The images were to be used in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. More to that, Robin’s images would be added to BK8’s market visits and branded content in these countries. By using this approach, BK8 would become one of the best online gaming platforms. Notably, it has already become. 

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